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Personal Stories: Omagh can offer plenty to thriving arts scene

Talented wordsmith Cat Brogan returns to her Wee Irish roots

Omagh-born performance poet Cat Brogan is returning home from London for her 'Wee Irish Tour'.

Described by one critic as "smart, angry, funny and right on the money," she will be performing at the Sunflower bar in Belfast on May 22, ahead of gigs in Londonderry, Omagh, Limerick and Dublin.

Cat said: "I didn't want to leave Omagh out of my tour. Open Door Poetry Group performed with me at the arts centre gig a few years back but I couldn't find contacts for them.

"My dad, Vincent Brogan, who always knows the pulse of Omagh, told me Amber Burt organised the Omagh Community Open Mic. She is a poet as well as a musician, so I got in touch with her and she organised a gig at Daly's.

"I really enjoy performing to a home crowd.

"I do write about Ireland quite a lot and it's great to know that people will get the references and understand the accent.

"I also think it's really important for an area to have an arts scene and I'm always impressed with what Omagh has to offer when I get back. I saw Victoria Geelan's show at the arts centre a few months back.

"The amateur dramatics scene is thriving and Open Door and Omagh Community open mic seem to be encouraging local performers.

"It's great to be able to come back and perform with groups who are regularly organising events in Omagh."

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