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Picture of the week: Image to change over next few days

By Staff Reporter

This stunning picture of the sun rising over Longsands beach in Tynemouth, with the end-of-pier lighthouse in the background, was captured on camera this week by Press Association photographer Owen Humphreys.

A handful of early-morning beach walkers were lucky enough to watch the sun rise in a spectacular glowing sky, reflected off the calm waters.

In recent weeks, the weather has been somewhat atypical for this time of year, with temperatures higher than normal.

But this picture is to change over the next few days, as parts of the UK can expect snow over the weekend, with an icy blast forecast to sweep through northerly areas, bringing with it freezing temperatures.

In Tyne and Wear, where this picture was taken, snow and plummeting temperatures are likely over the next day or two and the Met Office has issued a warning, urging motorists to be careful on the roads. But while weather warnings are in place for Scotland and northerly parts of England, Northern Ireland looks set to escape the worst of the conditions, with some snow on high ground and temperatures around 10C today.

Tomorrow, there is the possibility of snow fall in higher areas.

A spokesman for Press Association's Meteogroup said: "It is turning a bit wintry on Sunday across Northern Ireland. Nothing too severe, but it will feel like winter time."

In preparation for the worst of the winter weather, the Met Office has drafted in Ulster-born meteorologist Tony Baker to provide detailed weather forecasts to transport organisations and the public. Roads Minister Danny Kennedy said: "Accurate forecasting is hugely important in ensuring that my staff are able to take informed decisions on when to grit."

Despite the cold front on the way, this year is still expected to be the warmest since records began. Temperatures across the UK in 2014 were on average 1.6C warmer than previous years, with man-made climate change believed to be responsible.

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