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Recipe: La bastille beef bourguignon

Have a Gallic gourmet experience with these recipes from TV cookery star Rachel Khoo and La Bastille restaurant on Belfast’s Lisburn Road

What you'll need

½ onion

300g beef

40g smoked bacon lardons

2 bay leaves

60g flour

1 litre red wine (cabernet sauvignon or syrah)

50g mushrooms

10 pearl onions

50g carrots

Chicken stock cube

Sweat off the onion, adding the bacon lardons and bay leaves. Then add in your beef — a cheaper cut will give you more flavour in this slow cooked dish and produce a delicious texture.

Caramelise the mix until golden brown, then add about 60g of flour and cook out the mixture at a medium heat for around 4 minutes.

Then add 1 litre of red wine (don’t reduce this) and a litre of chicken stock, before adding a further 50g of mushrooms, pearl onions and carrots. Cook on a low heat 150°C/gas 2/300°F for three to four hours untill the meat is soft .

You can cook this two days before serving and keep in the fridge to let the flavour mature.

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