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Recipe: Mackerel, Beetroot, Soft Hen’s Egg & Horseradish

Local Great British Menu star Chris Bell shares his favourite summer recipes to celebrate the Belfast Taste & Music Festival.

What you'll need

For the mackerel

1 whole mackerel

Pinch of salt & pepper

150ml soda water

100g self-raising flour

For the beetroot

4 baby beetroots

2 tbsp olive oil

Pinch of rock salt

For the soft eggs

2 free-range eggs

Watercress & endive


For the horseradish yogurt

50g horseradish root

125ml double cream

125ml natural yogurt

Pinch of salt

To prepare the mackerel, gut the fish, fillet and remove the pin bones, score the skin and cut into two pieces, so in total you now have four pieces of mackerel.

Season the fish and set aside. Mix the self-raising flour and soda water to create a batter. Coat the fish with some plain flour and then coat with the the batter. Place the fish into a fryer at 180°C/350°F and cook until golden.

Next, wash and trim the beetroot. Place the beetroot, 1 tbsp of olive oil and rock salt in tin foil and wrap into a parcel.

Place in an oven at 180°C/gas 4/350°F and roast for 15-20 minutes until tender.

Remove from the oven, then peel the beetroot, slice in half and toss in a hot pan with some olive oil to get a glossy colour on it.

Place the eggs in a pan of boiling water for six minutes. Remove and plunge into ice cool water, then refresh the egg under cold running water. Peel the egg and set aside.

For the watercress and endive, wash and pick leafs, removing all stalks. Slice the radish wafer thin on a mandoline.

For the horseradish yogurt, grate the horseradish, then mix in with the yogurt and cream to infuse. Then sieve the mixture so you have a smooth liquid and season with salt. Place in cream whipper and charge with one gas canister.

To serve, place some yogurt in the bottom of 200ml kilner jar, add beetroot, slice the egg in two and place half of it in the jar.

Add some radish and then some olive oil, dressed watercress and endive.

Close the lid and place on the side of a slate, drag some yogurt across the slate and place pieces of radish and egg along the yogurt. Finish with two pieces of mackerel overlapping and a few watercress leaves.

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