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Recipe: Slow-cooked crackling pork belly with tasty apple & mustard sauce

To celebrate winning the Northern Ireland heat of TV’s Great British Menu, Deanes at Queens chef Chris Fearon shares some special recipes

What you'll need

1.5kg boneless pork belly with the rind left on

Fresh rosemary, a few stalks

Fresh thyme, a sprig

Sea salt

Cracked pepper

50-50g brown sugar

3 large Bramley apples

Cider vinegar

Hot English mustard

50g salted butter

Serves 4-6

First lay the belly flat, fat side down, and season with salt, pepper and a little sugar.

Next, chop your herbs and sprinkle over the belly with your seasoning.

Roll into a sausage shape, then roll in greased tinfoil and tighten at each end by screwing up the foil until it becomes firm.

Place in a deep roasting dish and half cover with water and roast in a pre-heated oven at 180°C/gas 4/350°F for 90 minutes. When the roasting time finishes, remove the tin foil, brush the pork belly with mustard and roast for a further 30 minutes at 200°C/gas 6/400°F until crisp.

To make the apple and mustard sauce, simply peel and chop your apples.

Season with sugar until sweet, add some butter and a twist of cider vinegar and cook on a low heat till the apples start to break down.

Season your apple sauce with more sugar and add the hot mustard to taste.

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