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Recipe: Tiramisu

We’ve five fabulous recipes from Great British Menu star Paul Ainsworth to try out at home

What you'll need

For the cream

480g double cream

50g icing sugar

265g mascarpone

25ml coffee essence

50ml Tia Maria

For the sponge

35ml Tia Maria

35ml Amaretto

150ml espresso

150g ladies fingers

Serves 8

Whip double cream into soft peaks. Add all the other ingredients together in a separate bowl and mix thoroughly.

Slowly stir both mixtures into one, making sure they don’t split.

Break the sponge fingers in half and lay out on a tray.

Pour all three liquids onto the sponge, making sure they are evenly spread.

Leave to soak for an hour before use.

To finish, in a small, cup-sized jar layer the sponge and cream (we do two layers of each), adding a small sprinkle of grated dark chocolate between each layer.

Finish with a cream layer then another sprinkle of chocolate and cocoa powder.

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