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Recipes: What to do with your Easter chocolate

This week The Huffington Post produced some seasonal recipes. Instead of veg, meat and fish, they were for "dishes" made of a much more covetable stuff, namely Cadbury's Crème Eggs.

Nominally, they all sounded pretty appalling (Crème Egg sandwich on white, anyone? Egg doughnut for you, madam?). So, in that spirit, we've come up with our own ideas for all that extra chocolate you're left with this weekend:

Bunny pie Take one chocolate bunny, cover him in puff pastry and bake (sort of like a large chocolate croissant).

Fried egg Crack one Easter egg. Fry in unsalted butter. Smear on toast and await chest pains.

Egg flan Put halved Mini Eggs in short crust pastry. Add loads of cream cheese and sugar. Bake.

Egg soldiers Bite top off one Crème Egg. Use Scottish shortbread as a "soldier" to scoop out the insides.

Egg fried rice Break one Easter egg, whisk vigorously and add to buttered pan. Add cooked basmati rice. Simmer

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