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Big breakfast of operatic proportions

By Matthew McCreary

Friendly staff and good menu at cafe


Puccini's, 2A Hightown Road, Glengormley.


Like many of its fellow shops and stores in Glengormley the facade of this friendly little caff is often obscured by the busy traffic rushing by outside. Inside it's a little on the dark side, but it's a good place for a quick bite or a morning-after-the-night-before breakfast.


A mizzly Friday morning didn't bring many people out and the place was relatively quiet (apart from a slightly too noisy radio in the background). But I have seen it pretty busy on other days.


As well as a variety of cooked breakfasts, plenty of cafe favourites such as buns, scones, pancakes and bagels are on offer. The cafe also does an attractive range of other dishes of the pasta/pizza/burger variety.

What did we have?

I went for a full breakfast (with three sausages!). My dining partner chose a sausage and egg soda.

Disability access?

The double front doors shouldn't present too much of a problem for anyone needing extra access space. There's also a reasonably good amount of room to move about inside. The cafe is located at a busy junction, however, and the pedestrian crossing can leave you standing for a while.

The verdict?

The fry was tasty and not at all greasy or heavy, although it was spectacularly hot and I needed to leave it a short while to cool down. The soda also looked equally good, but the portion proved just a little too big for my companion.

The bill?

Full breakfast £5.50; Sausage and egg soda £4.25; Drinks/Pot of tea £5.90. TOTAL: £15.65.

Last word?

You get a fair amount of food for your money and the staff are friendly and quick. A little less noise and some more fresh air inside might help restore tired or hungover heads a little better though!

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