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Restaurant critic just the job as we cook up hospice boost

When the Belfast Telegraph was approached by the NI Hospice for a raffle prize at its annual Gala Starlight Ball, the editorial team thought long and hard and then came up with the brilliant idea of offering up Joris Minne's job as the paper's restaurant writer.

Nick Acheson of Belfast's Sony Centre secured the winning ticket and the job.

Nick and friend Glenn Waddell joined Joris Minne last weekend at the restaurant of their choice, the Boat House in Bangor, to prepare the review for this Saturday's Weekend Magazine.

"I've always been a big eater and love good food so this is the dream job!" says Nick.

"My wife and I never really found anywhere as good as Shanks which closed down after the tragic death of Robbie Millar," he says. "Discovering the Boat House was a revelation and I don't mind giving the game away by telling you it will be a seriously good review!"

Joris Minne, who recovered from the initial alarm of losing his job in a charity auction, said doing reviews requires complete impartiality and integrity as well as a degree of knowledge.

"Nick and Glenn had the tasting menu which included scallops, goose, brill and all sorts of fabulous creations and it was soon clear from the comments they made that they were very knowledgeable and passionate about the subject," says Minne.

"The judgments they made were extremely well considered and based on solid experience – they were seriously impressive critics," says Minne.

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