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Am I over the hill at 39 years of age?

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I haven’t had a relationship since my husband left 16 years ago — not even a date.

I’ve managed to work through any loneliness, because of the need to look after my three children.

Now they’ve moved on I have much more time to myself and would actually like to start meeting people again. The problem is that I’m 39 and have dreadful dark bags under my eyes that would put any man off even if the thought of three children didn’t.

I’m worried my time’s run out to find happiness, that I’ve left it too late. KW


Time run out at 39? Nonsense! I've friends who have married again in their fifties, sixties and seventies! Bags under the eyes aren't going to put off a potential partner of any merit. I suspect you are just creating obstacles to getting out and about because, unsurprisingly, you're scared of being hurt again.

Please try to stop worrying, there are all kinds of ways to meet new partners — just get out there and see what happens.

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