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Awful migraine has given me a terrible fright

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I got back from shopping the other weekend and was tired and frazzled from the stress of all the people.

I suddenly started feeling a bit unwell and then my vision went most peculiar — like the edges were fractured.

My husband took me to A&E and after a few tests, the doctor decided I was having some kind of an aura preceding a migraine. The doctor warned me that it may happen again and if it does, I should take action straight away.

I found it quite terrifying — nothing seemed normal and there was a sort of jagged gash across my vision. Is there anything I can do to prevent them? VW


What you describe sounds like perhaps the most common kind of aura that sometimes precedes a migraine.

It's called a scintillating scotoma and it's a malfunctioning of the back of the brain. Whether it's this kind of a migraine or some other kind, you would do well to look at what triggers it.

There are far too many triggers for migraine to list them here, but one of the reported triggers for this particular condition is monosodium glutamate (MSG), a food additive used to improve the flavour of savoury products.

Generally, if you prepare your own food, you won't get any in your diet, but it is in some sauces, such as soy sauce, so look out for it if this is a trigger for you.

Migraine Action would be a good organisation to get in touch with as it can tell you a lot more about your aura and about migraines.

Many people who suffer with migraines work at finding the various triggers that set off symptoms, so spend time looking for yours as it may help

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