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Belfast named best city in UK to be single and London's the worst

It's official - Belfast is the best city in the UK to be a singleton.

A new survey from Bateaux London has ranked Belfast number one when it comes to living the happy single life of nights out and hot dates, according to The Independent.

The list was compiled by looking at the average cost of being single, as well as the proportion of the population who are currently unattached and the percentage of those aged between 20 and 30 - reasoning that younger people are more likely to be single.

Each city was then ranked from best to worst for each category with points awarded based on their position and then turned into a percentage rating.

The results found that Belfast was the best place to go solo with a final rating of 67.15%.

The survey looked at the average cost of different aspects of single life and Belfast had the most appealing results. These included:

  • Average salary: £24,012
  • Meal out: £40.00
  • Pint of beer: £4.00
  • Coffee: £2.33
  • Gym membership: £23.77
  • Cinema ticket: £6.75
  • Rent for one-bed in city centre: £520

According to the survey, the worst city to be single in the UK is London.

Despite a high salary average of £34,967, the cost of a coffee, a meal out, a cinema ticket, and a pint is way above the rest of the UK - not to mention the cost of rent for a one-bed in the city centre is an eye watering £1,682.

Also featuring in the top ten cities to be single were Liverpool, Southampton, Birmingham and Newcastle.

Joining London on the other end of the spectrum were York, Brighton, Oxford, and Cambridge.

So, while we didn't really need another reason for Belfast to be the best, we can now add to the list that it's a great place to live the single life.

The best cities to be single in the UK:

  1. Belfast — 67.15%
  2. Liverpool — 66.42%
  3. Southampton — 64.96%
  4. Birmingham — 64.23%
  5. Newcastle — 64.23%
  6. Cardiff — 63.5%
  7. Nottingham — 63.5%
  8. Hull — 59.12%
  9. Manchester — 57.66%
  10. Glasgow — 56.2%
  11. Reading — 53.28%
  12. Norwich — 52.55%
  13. Chester — 51.09%
  14. Edinburgh — 48.91%
  15. Sheffield — 48.91%
  16. Leeds — 47.45%
  17. Bristol — 47.45%
  18. Cambridge — 45.99%
  19. Oxford — 45.26%
  20. Brighton — 43.07%
  21. York — 40.15%
  22. London — 29.2%

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