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Body hair looks horrible

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I am 19 years old and look horrible. My arms, legs and face have heavy dark hair and I feel so bad about it.

People tell me I am pretty and ask why I do not have a boyfriend, but I can’t go out with a man while I have so much hair.

I used a cream but it didn’t work and I have also used a razor on my face but the hair grew back and looked worse. Please can you help me? AG


Go to see your doctor. It is almost certainly your hormones that have triggered the growth of hair you describe and a course of treatment may well help you.

If not, your doctor may prescribe some other form of specialist treatment. If it turns out to be a cosmetic problem and not a medical one, please don't give up.

But please stop shaving — there are all manner of things that can be done which are much better. All shaving does is make the individual hairs look thicker — in other words, worse than they did before.

There are laser and electrolysis treatments available that will destroy the hair permanently.

Finally, don't assume that all men will find you unattractive as you are, some may not even notice.

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