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Brother cheated on my pal

Dear Fiona, My best friend and brother are seeing one another but I found out recently that he’d two-timed her.

I confronted him and he started crying, saying he’d made a terrible mistake and wouldn’t ever betray her again.

However, I feel compelled to tell her as I’d want her to tell me. What should I do?


Dear T.R,

This is a difficult dilemma but if you’re convinced that he won’t stray again and he was genuine in his remorse, I’d advise you not to interfere.

Revealing his secret would threaten your relationship with your brother, your friend will undoubtedly be hurt, and you may end up feeling you’ve betrayed your brother.

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You’ll have to decide whether ridding yourself of any feelings of guilt for keeping his secret is more important than the outcome of revealing it.

Also, remember that a brother is for life, whereas best friends do drift apart.

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