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Can I change messy husband?

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I’ve been married for three years and I’m getting really fed up with cleaning up after my husband.

He doesn’t do a thing to help around the house and leaves everything for me to do.

I do all the washing, the cleaning, the ironing and the shopping.

He occasionally does the cooking, but leaves such a mess afterwards that he might as well not bother.

How do I get him to change? NF


If you’ve let him get away with this for three years, you’re going to have to work hard to get him to change now.

Have you ever explained to him how you feel? Talk to your husband, explain that you are doing more than your fair share of domestic chores and ask him to help.

If he’s been brought up without ever having to do things around the home, then he may need to be shown what to do, so be persistent.

If he refuses to help, leave his share of chores and see whether he can do them on his own for a while.

It may be hard but the idea is for him to understand what’s fair.

If he gets to understand and still won’t help, then you may have to reassess your relationship.

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