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Cancer has thrown work into disarray

I found a lump in my breast a couple of weeks ago and my doctor got me a very quick appointment with a consultant.

A biopsy was performed and I’ve got surgery booked for a week’s time.

A diagnosis of breast cancer has thrown all my plans into disarray.

I was recently promoted at work and now have a lot of responsibility, so this is the last thing I need at the moment.

I’m not normally scared of things, but this is really frightening me and I don’t want to let on to my husband and family.

I think my husband would fall apart if anything happened to me as I’ve always been the strong one in our relationship.

I would like more information and would like to talk to someone, but there are so many breast cancer charities, so I don't know which one would give me the most sensible advice. BS

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Many of those affected by breast cancer make a complete recovery and hopefully you will fall into this category.

In order to give yourself the best chance though, you must put your health first for a while and not worry about work.

Tell your bosses and I am sure you will find them supportive.

Tell your husband how you feel too — he may have relied on you in the past but this could be his chance to be strong and support you.

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