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Catch up with friend is more whine than wine

I used to really enjoy meeting up with one of my old friends and we used to be able to sort out the world and its problems over a coffee or a bottle of wine.

Recently, though, I’ve enjoyed her company less and less.

These days it’s more whine than wine as she’s constantly going on about how she feels; about her problems; about how everything is wrong for her.

I’d like to be her friend again and support her with her problems but she’s unrelenting and I don’t feel she’s supporting me at all. RY


Have you tried to tell her how you think she's changed? Friendship is a very valuable commodity and worth protecting so it's always worth taking steps to resolve matters if things are going wrong.

Try telling her, gently, that you miss the person she was and worry about what she's becoming.

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As an old and dear friend you may be able to pull her out of this inward focus more easily than others can.

Honesty in a friendship is important and although she may be a bit hurt to begin with, she will, I am sure, come to value your concern.

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