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Caught between violent ex and my jealous boyfriend

My two children and I live with my boyfriend, who is a very gentle guy but terribly jealous and possessive.

I’d like to do more with my life but he just wants me to stay at home and be a housewife.

My ex-husband is coming out of prison soon and he wants to see me and have access to the children.

He said if I don’t let him he’ll hunt me down — he was very violent towards me when we were married.

I don’t know which way to turn as my boyfriend doesn’t want me to have anything to do with him. TP


Your children probably should see their father if this is considered appropriate by the courts, so ask for access to be supervised.

Your present boyfriend isn't really helping you live your life either — you've escaped one sort of control for another.

Do you really need to be with him, or with anyone?

Wouldn't you do better to make a life for yourself without either of these men?

One in which you have control over what you do?

You'd probably be a far better role model for your children if they saw a mother who was strong and independent.

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