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Criticism is hard to take

Fiona Caine is here to help if you have a relationship, sexual, marriage or family problem

I’ve always hated to be criticised, but now, at the age of 32, it is getting worse.

Someone just has to disagree with me and I crumble, which means I never get anywhere at work.

If only I could stand up to people, I am sure I could do more with my life than I have done so far, but I need help to tackle this and don’t know where to turn. WR


By recognising and facing up to your problem, you've made an important first step already.

An assertiveness or confidence-building course would help you or, if you can't find a local one, try one you can work on yourself.

Your local library or GP might be able to help you find something, and there are many possibilities online.

If you can't find a course, try Super Confidence: Simple Steps To Build Self-Assurance by Gael Lindenfield (Thorsons, £9.99).

It's a book that shows you how to bring out the best in yourself and there are lots of practical techniques that will help you to become more self-assured.

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