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Daughter is marrying a toyboy

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My daughter is getting married to a man who is only 21. She’s 27 and is already showing signs of going grey. Should I be worried about this gap in their ages?

I know they love each other very much and I'm happy for them, but I do worry that he will go off her. HR


All parents worry about whether their children are making the right choice when it comes to getting married, but I feel that you might be overreacting here a little.

Your daughter is only six years older than her future husband, which is nothing these days. An age gap or her grey hair is highly unlikely to cause a breakdown in their marriage.

You, presumably, are worried that he will look for a younger woman when she starts to show signs of ageing, but most affairs don't work like that.

Marriages do hit problems but if couples love and support each other, these problems can be overcome.

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