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Daughter’s wedding could stir up trouble

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My daughter is getting married early next year and, to my surprise, she’s told me she wants her father’s new wife to come to the wedding.

I don’t know whether I could cope with meeting her and I am getting nervous enough already without this added stress.

I don’t want the day ruined so should I suggest that my daughter doesn’t invite this woman? My new husband will be there, so am I being unfair? GL


To be honest yes, I think you are. Weddings are one of those occasions when we come face to face with family members that we may not like or don’t particularly want to see.

For the sake of the bride and groom, we usually put aside these animosities.

To take the stress out of the situation, I suggest you meet before the wedding day.

I am sure you and your ex will have things to talk about, so why not suggest a get-together beforehand?

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