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Divorce has left my sister so depressed

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My sister and her husband had a very difficult break-up two years ago and she is now divorced.

Our mum and I have tried to help her but she’s been very depressed, almost suicidal at times. We thought she was getting better but last month her daughter, who has struggled to find work since leaving school, accepted a job with her dad’s company.

My sister seems to think this is some sort of betrayal and has been in tears ever since.

She’s on anti-depressants but they don't seem to help much. Is there anything else I can do other than provide a shoulder to cry on? YW


A shoulder to cry on is an important part of any support network, so don't underestimate it. Encourage your sister to see that her daughter needs to retain a relationship with both parents and, in the present economic climate, she is lucky that her father can offer her a job.

Your sister might benefit from some outside help and perhaps contact with the Divorce Recovery Workshop ( would help her. Perhaps if she attended one of the sessions, she would begin to see that there is a way through this emotional trauma.

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