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Does my husband need a will?

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I never know whether my mother-in-law is being serious. The last time she was here she said that if anything happened to my husband, she would inherit everything as his next of kin.

I didn't say anything at the time, but this has been worrying me.

My husband has a dangerous job, so I don't want to talk to him about death and wills and so forth.

Our house is in his name only as he had bought it before we were married.

Would the children and I have to move out — could my mother-in-law be right? NG


It's very unlikely, even if your husband had written a will naming his mother as his beneficiary before you were married.

On marriage, any old will is automatically cancelled, so unless you are not legally married, you are now his next of kin, not his mother.

Even so, it would make things much easier for the surviving partner if wills were in place.

He might have a dangerous job, but none of us knows what the future might bring and he could survive you.

Therefore, talk to him and get both your wills written — it's something everyone should do, whatever their status.

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