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Ex- boyfreind won't leave me alone

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Almost four years ago I finished a relationship with a man I had only gone out with a couple of times.

I felt there was something a little odd about him and I was right — because ever since, he just won’t leave me alone.

He seems to hang around all the time; he’s there if I go out with a friend and he gets on the same bus as me, changing when I do. He never speaks to me or says anything but his constant presence is unnerving.

My daughter is now frightened of him as she's seen him outside our house at night.

I’ve called him and asked him to stop and I’ve spoken to his parents too but it doesn’t make any difference.

How can I make him leave me alone? CM


Please contact the police as soon as possible and explain what has been happening.

In years gone by, ‘stalkers’ were regarded as relatively harmless but we now know that this obsessive behaviour can lead to problems.

Not only is he frightening you, he is now frightening your daughter, and hanging around outside your home means the time has come to act.

Contact the police and explain how long this has been going on for.

Tell them how concerned you are for your daughter. Don't telephone or make contact of any kind with him from now on — leave that to the police.

Write down whenever you see him and what he does, including dates and times.

Make sure that your friends and family know what is happening and carry a mobile phone so you can alert the police if necessary and always think about keeping yourself safe.

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