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Family taunt me about being dim

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My husband and I were happily married for more than 40 years. He was always loving and caring when we were together but, in company, and even with our children, he used to joke that I was a bit dim.

I knew it was because he was always a bit self-conscious about his own lack of qualifications, so I put up with it.

Perhaps I was foolish to play along because now, since his death, my children have carried on this behaviour.

They constantly say, ‘Never mind mum, we know you’re a bit dim’. They make jokes about me being slow and uneducated, and while I could put up with it from their father, I feel very hurt.

They are being unfair as I have worked hard to look after them and to push their education. I wish I could turn back the clock, but I’m over 70 years old.

Do you think I've left it too late? CL


If you have allowed yourself to be downtrodden for so long, you may be giving the appearance of being what they accuse you of!

It's never too late to change, so the time has come to start showing them there is more to you than they might have been led by their father to believe.

Start being more assertive and tell them that just because their father liked to make jokes about your intelligence, it doesn't mean that they can.

Why not take up something to really rattle their cages? Take up a course that will give you a qualification at the end of it, for example.

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