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Feeling of neglect is affecting my moods

Dear Fiona, I’m an accountant who has always felt like an inconvenience to others. My own parents never had much interest in me when I was growing up.

I don’t ever remember anyone spending any decent time with me. It gets me down because I know it must be because of how I am but might I be paranoid like my friends say?

Annoying Person,


Dear Person,

Maintaining relationships is important throughout your life but especially during childhood as they give children healthy self-esteem and a sense of self.

Parents are a child’s protectors and as he is completely trusting, he’ll believe himself to be whatever’s reflected in his parents’ eyes.

However, when a mirror is shattered, the reflection inevitably becomes warped.

This also happens to a child’s self-esteem when its parents are defective in some way, and if he’s constantly ignored by them, the child may be made to feel responsible and an inconvenience.

This could explain why you’ve chosen your career path. You’re neither paranoid nor a nuisance but these thoughts are the product of your childhood.

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