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First Aid for babies: what do I need to know?

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My baby is only two months old but already she’s the centre of my life. My husband and I both adore her so we felt absolutely awful when, last week, she burnt her hand.

It was my fault, I was sterilising her bottle while holding her to stop her crying and she suddenly flung out her hand into the steam.

Fortunately my mother was with me at the time and knew exactly what to do and she was fine.

It brought home to me that while I’m confident with looking after her on a day-to-day basis, I wouldn’t have the first idea what to do in an emergency.

My mother said I should do a first-aid course, but I don’t know where to start. HL


While, hopefully, you will never have to cope with a medical emergency with your baby again, it's a very good idea to be prepared.

The British Red Cross has first-aid courses you could attend and it even does a special one for babies and children.

The course is great for anyone who wants to learn first-aid skills for babies and young children.

That means it's not only great for parents or expectant parents, but also for anyone who may be looking after them.

That means grandparents, babysitters, foster parents and anyone who has to look after babies and young children.

It can be taken as either a one-day course or across two evenings and covers all the issues that you might have to face, including choking, bleeding, burns, sprains, seizures and much more.

You can find all the details on the special Red Cross website or by contacting your nearest local centre.

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