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Flu has knocked me sideways

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Late last year I had a dose of flu that seemed to go on for months.

For the first week, I had a raging temperature, shivers, headaches and nausea, but then it settled to feeling generally unwell and I’ve not felt right since.

I have felt achy and exhausted ever since and even just walking to the corner to post a letter has become a real chore.

At Christmas, the rest of the family had to do the work because I couldn’t, but I’m still the same and everyone is getting fed up with me.

I have tried to pull myself together but I just haven’t got the energy.

What on earth is wrong with me? MD


I can't believe you've felt ill for this long and not contacted a doctor.

You may be suffering from ‘post-viral fatigue syndrome', otherwise known as ME. Perhaps there is something else wrong?

Tell your doctor all your symptoms and get a proper diagnosis.

Don't be persuaded to leave it any longer before getting help or treatment — this has gone on long enough.

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