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Friend's relationships are doomed

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My best friend and I have been together since primary school but while things in my life have been fairly easy, she’s had a terrible time.

Her parents divorced when we were at primary school and that set the pattern.

She’s had a string of failed relationships, including a broken marriage that started out so well.

She got engaged earlier this year to a man who really seemed to care for her and he seemed such a nice person. Now he’s dumped her too and she’s in a terrible state.

I don’t think she talks to anyone else but me and I don't know what to suggest to her for the best. Can you suggest what I can do? My husband is very fond of her but he thinks she dooms relationships before they start. Could he be right? KT


People often repeat the same mistakes over and over again and sometimes they never realise what they're doing.

Perhaps your husband is right and your friend is causing her relationships to fail by doing (or not doing) something fundamental.

You are doing all you can for her by being supportive and caring, but maybe she needs more.

Perhaps a course of professional relationship counselling would help her to understand where things are going wrong. If she is willing to listen to you, then suggest she contacts Relate — although it was originally for couples, it will see people on their own about relationship issues.

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