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Girl will do anything to get ahead

Northern Ireland's number one agony aunt Fiona answers your problems

Dear Fiona, I’m seeingsomeone I REALLY fancy but don’t like very much. She wants to be a TV presenter and I’ve watched her flaunting herself over men in the media.

It makes me sick, especially because she told me she’s already slept with a few married guys who work in television.

It obviously got her nowhere. She’s also vain, jealous and selfish but great in bed.

Saying that, I think she only sleeps with me because my dad is quite influential in those circles. Do you think she’ll ever change?

Peter, Belfast

Dear Peter,

Unhealthy personality development comes in five categories and your girlfriend fits into the ‘marketing’ category.

These individuals regard themselves as commodities to sell and they seek to develop an attractive exterior.

Their focus is on the superficial and aesthetic, even to the detriment of the intrinsic need for self-realisation. Undesirable personality traits include being inconsistent, opportunistic, tactless and undiscriminating.

These people use themselves in whatever way necessary to achieve their goals.

She’ll only change when she realises her value doesn’t lie in what she has or how she looks or is perceived but in what she is as a person.

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