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Her hitting fantasies are weird

Northern Ireland's number one agony aunt Fiona answers your problems

Dear Fiona, I’ve been with a woman for nearly six months and we’ve been getting along brilliantly in every way. Recently when we were having sex she asked me to hit her as hard as I could on the bum.

I’m not into rough stuff and I’m afraid I could hurt her. I don’t know why she’s only asking me to suddenly do this now? Should I do it or am I acting like a woman beater?


Dear G.H,

She's chosen to hide this particular preference from you until she felt you’d both established an appropriate level of trust and intimacy.

She may simply enjoy the physical stimulation received by this action or alternatively, on a deeper level, she may enjoy relinquishing control.

The elements of domination and discipline often associated with S&M behaviours may be attractive to her.

However, you’re right to be apprehensive if she wants you to ‘hit her as hard’ as you can, considering how physically strong most males are.

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