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How can I cure bad breath?

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I’ve got bad breath and I am worried my relationship is suffering.

My girlfriend doesn’t exactly recoil when I go to kiss her, but I can see she finds it unpleasant. I’ve seen other people turn their heads when I talk, too.

Mints and chewing gum don’t make any difference. I have a lot of phlegm at the back of my throat and wonder if this might be something to do with it. PM


Short-term bad breath is usually caused by something left in the mouth after a particularly pungent meal.

Long-term bad breath, though, can be caused by tooth decay, gum infection, sinus problems or even stomach problems.

I suspect your problem falls into one of these categories — especially from your description of the phlegm in your throat.

First of all, go and see a dentist. If that doesn't help, see your GP.

Meanwhile, there are stronger remedies than chewing gum and mints.

Use dental floss regularly and a strong mouth wash — these may help but even if there is some improvement, still check with your doctor.

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