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How can I save on meal times?

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I’m worried about the cost of living and I am trying to be more frugal in all kinds of ways. Food is a huge cost each week but I want my family to be healthy, so I don’t want to skimp.

I’m sure there are ways in which I could economise, I just don’t know how.

How can I reduce my spend without starving my family? SS


Always make a list when you go shopping and stick to it but limit the amount of processed food you buy.

You will pay far less if you buy ingredients and make things yourself, so if you're not a good cook already, try to learn by using a good recipe book.

It doesn't have to be perfect and as long as it's edible, your family will probably enjoy it.

Look at using beans and pulses to give your family plenty of protein, or at least use them to make meat-based meals stretch further.

Finally, if you're not growing any of your own food, then do start.

Even a few windowsill pots of herbs save money and pep up other ingredients, but if you've space to grow a few fruit and veg plants, everyone will benefit.

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