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How can we still see our grandchildren?

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My son and his wife have recently separated, which has come as a great shock.

My wife and I have had a close relationship with our grandchildren since they were born.

As our daughter-in-law was working four days a week, we looked after them for two days each week to help out.

Now my daughter-in-law has moved, taking the children with her and we don’t get to see them at all.

What makes it worse is that my son has decided to take a job abroad so he won’t even be bringing them to see us.

What can we do without making the situation between our son and daughter-in-law even worse? KF


Under international law, it is a child's right to maintain family relationships.

Have you talked to your son about this? Unless the relationship with his wife has broken down so completely that there is no contact between them, I would hope they are still communicating about the children.

Hopefully he can make arrangements for the grandchildren to visit you regularly — especially as he is going to be out of the country. If all else fails, you could apply to the court for permission to request a court order for contact.

I hope it will not come to this, though.

For guidance on how to go about all this and for advice in general, contact The Grandparents' Association helpline on 0845 434 9585.

You will find a section on its website ( dedicated to those with no contact.

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