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How much is sensible drinking?

I know that there are guidelines on how much one should drink each week but I think they’re really confusing.

I’m female, in my twenties, so as I understand it I should be sticking to about 14 units a week.

However what’s a unit? I drink mainly white wine and I’ve noticed on the bottles that the alcohol content varies from about 6.5% to 13%. RC


Rather than think in terms of a weekly intake, it may be easier to remember that women should not exceed two to three units a day (men, three to four units).

If you exceed that on a regular basis then you're running health risks.

There's quite a complicated formula for working it out if you really want to understand exactly what you're drinking.

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The percentage figure you quote is a measure of alcohol by volume (ABV), and if you multiply the total volume of a drink (in ml) by its ABV then divide by 1,000, you'll get the units.

It's probably easier to think in averages though and as a lot of wine is about 12% ABV, you could estimate that a small glass is 1.5 units; a standard glass is two and a large glass (250ml) is three.

So one large glass of wine on a night out is at the top end of your daily limit!

The easiest way of monitoring your intake would be to go to the NHS website (nhs.uk) and from there look through the section on alcohol.

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