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Hubby has made babysitter pregnant

Northern Ireland's number one agony aunt Fiona Hurley answers your problems

Dear Fiona, Earlier in the year after several months when things were difficult between my husband and me, I agreed that we’d try separating for a while.

He suggested it might give us a bit of breathing space and time to take stock. We’ve been married five years and he referred to our problems as the ‘five- rather than seven-year itch’ while insisting on the need for a break.

I found I really missed him so I went round to where he was renting a flat to find him shacked up with the 19-year-old who used to be our babysitter.

Naturally, I was appalled and because I was so angry and hurt, I considered our marriage over. But I wanted to keep things amicable for our three-year-old daughter and when he came over to see her, we sometimes slept together.

After a few weeks, I knew I still wanted him, and wanted us to be together again but he said this girl is now pregnant, so he can’t leave her.

He has also said he wants a divorce so he can marry this tart.

Distraught Wife

Dear Distraught Wife,

Why do you blame this inexperienced young girl when the real villain here is your husband?

I know you are feeling real emotional pain, but this girl is also a victim. If he were to agree to a reconciliation with you, how would you ever trust him? It may be hard but I think you should give serious consideration to a divorce. This man is nothing but bad news.

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