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Husband resents my new career

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For 19 years I was a housewife and mum doing everything for my family — and I was happy to do so.

As my children are now at an age to leave home, I’ve got myself a job with a local firm. In six months, I’ve been promoted to team leader.

In spite of this, my husband still expects me to do everything, including getting supper ready every night even though he’s home before me. He says it’s my job, not his.

I really resent this. I have cared for the family while he got on with his life, but now that I’m successful and earning more than him, he doesn’t like it. I still love him, but he’s making me so cross. If he goes on like this, I might say something I’ll regret. FW


Over the years you've created a rod for your own back. You've done everything for your family and now they expect it.

Why not call a meeting and ask your husband and any children still at home for their help? I'm sure it would be possible to work out how they can all start doing something — including your husband.

And find a way of reassuring your husband that you're not about to leave him — assuming he changes his attitude to housework.

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