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Husband wants to wed babysitter

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Earlier in the year, following several months of things being difficult between us, I agreed with my husband of five years that we would try separating for a while.

I found I missed him, so I went around to where he was living only to find him shacked up with a girl of 19 who used to be our babysitter!

As far as I was concerned, that was it, our marriage was over, but I wanted to try to keep things amicable for the sake of our daughter, and when he came over we sometimes slept together.

This happened last week and I knew that I still wanted him and wanted him to come back, but he told me that this girl is now pregnant with his baby so he can’t leave her.

He told me he wants a divorce so he can marry her. I can’t believe a girl I trusted with my daughter could do this to me — what have I ever done to hurt her? FC


Why do you blame this young girl when the real culprit here is your husband?

He has been taking advantage of you and deceiving her; she probably thought he was visiting his daughter not sleeping with his wife. He slept with you and then immediately told you he wanted a divorce — what kind of a man does that?

I know you are in pain, but this other woman is just as much a victim as you are.

It may feel hard at the moment, but I feel you should give serious consideration to agreeing to this divorce. This man is bad news

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