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Husband won’t accept that he’s going deaf

I think my husband is going deaf. That, in itself, is not a problem, but he won’t accept it.

He turns up the volume on the television so high that the rest of us cannot bear to stay in the same room.

He grumbles at us all that we are mumbling and deliberately trying to exclude him from conversations.

He is getting to be a miserable grouch. I have tried to tell him that it’s because he doesn’t hear well rather than us not speaking properly but he won’t have it.

He seems to regard deafness as something to be ashamed of, so how can I get him to see reason? LG


He may be embarrassed about going deaf but it's not something he has brought on himself. How you can encourage him to see things logically and seek help, though, is tricky. He could improve his life so much if he just sought some help.

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Point out to him that ear infections or even a build-up of wax can muffle hearing and that just to be sure, it would be worth asking your GP for a check-up.

Alternatively go to have a free hearing test yourself. They are available from a number of places.

Then tell him what you've had done and suggests he does the same thing.

If his hearing loss would be helped by the use of an aid he should remember that these days they can be so small they are practically invisible.

They can even be hidden in the frame of a pair of glasses.

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