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Husband's gone off me

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I love my husband but he seems to have gone off me.

He says he hasn’t, but he doesn’t come near me and says it’s just because he’s fed up and bored with life.

He’s worried about money and about his job, but he doesn’t do anything about it, and just keeps saying it would be all right if we won the lottery.

That’s just crazy and I can’t live my life hoping something with such a slim chance is going to happen.

It’s not the money I want — it’s him back with me, properly. JJ


It's an illogical belief that money makes everything right. Your husband needs to see that it's your relationship that's important rather than winning wealth.

If he's so unhappy with his work, why doesn't he take further training to either improve his present job or increase his chances of a new one?

He needs a new goal, not a lottery win, and I suspect there's not much wrong with your marriage that a bit of plain speaking couldn't resolve.

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