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Husband’s panic attacks causing concern

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My husband suffers from dreadful panic attacks and he finds it hard to get his breath.

Afterwards he feels very woozy, and on one occasion he nearly passed out.

Our GP says they are caused by a stress-related issue and that the attacks won’t cause him any real harm, but they are making his life miserable.

Our doctor doesn’t really want to give him medication and says my husband should see a counsellor.

He won’t, though, because he doesn’t like the idea of people ‘messing with his head’.

I want to help him, but what can I do? ST


Panic attacks are quite common and they are very frightening for the person experiencing them.

It is a shame your husband won’t see a counsellor, because far from messing with his head, their role is to help him understand what triggers his attacks.

Anxiety UK ( is an organisation for people who experience panic and anxiety, so your husband might find some help there.

He would soon discover that he is not unusual and that there is a lot of useful information about the symptoms he experiences during an attack. The helpline number, available Monday to Friday from 9.30am to 5.30pm, is 08444 775 774.

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