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Husband's snoring will ruin holiday

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My husband’s snoring is driving me to distraction.

When we’re at home the only way I manage is to sleep in the spare room, but we’re going on holiday with friends shortly and there will be no escape.

It leaves me so tired and frantic for sleep.

If only he would lose some weight, I know it would help, but he refuses to even try. He’s even worse when he’s been drinking and, of course, on holiday he’ll be doing plenty of that.

I am almost tempted to cancel. CB


Missing your holiday because of your husband’s snoring would be a shame, but understandable.

Depending on the cause of his snoring, you could try different snoring remedies — things that lubricate the throat, for example, or help the nostrils stay open wider.

Your local chemist may have some other ideas, too.

As it’s a holiday, you will hopefully be able to relax more during the day and catch up on sleep.

Take ear plugs to help block out the sound and before you go, read up on snoring at the British Snoring and Sleep Apnoea Association website (

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