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I am devastated that I can’t have kids of my own

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After several failed attempts at IVF, my husband and I have sadly decided that we are going to give up on the idea of having children.

I’m 36 and we think that enough is enough, but although I know it’s the right decision, I can’t shake the sadness I feel.

Everywhere I look there are mums with babies. I don’t know anyone among my friends who hasn’t now had children.

I know my husband is as sad as I am about it but we’ve decided that adoption is not for us, so I am going to have to get used to the idea of being childless. I just feel an overwhelming sense of loss. BJ


It seems that you really aren't alone in this. There are many people who have deep regrets at not having, or at being unable to have, a family.

The process you are going through is very similar to grieving — the sense of loss you feel is like a bereavement and it will take time to come through it.

The support of others who have been through similar experiences will help.

More To Life is a website, forum and support network established by The Infertility Network for those who are involuntarily childless.

Support comes from its network of volunteers — either through telephone contact or through regional activities.

Meeting others who understand the pressures and hardship you are going through — and who won't judge you — can be very empowering.

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