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I can't afford driving lessons

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As a man in my mid-40s I'm beginning to wonder if I'm ‘unsalable'.

After a messy divorce I was left with little money, no job, no confidence and no self-esteem.

I’m trying to lead a normal life though and have joined a few clubs. There have been quite a few ladies that I’ve met and chatted to but they’ve all asked me, sooner or later, what sort of car I drive.

Well, I don’t! I’ve never needed to drive, so I’ve never bothered but it seems I’m seen as some kind of freak.

I’ve made some enquiries and it seems that you need about 100 hours of driving instruction before you can attempt a test!

That’s more than I can afford — even one lesson a week would leave me short of cash.

I wondered if you knew of any driving courses that are free, or subsidised like evening classes? There seems to be all sorts of courses for all manner of things so why not some on driving? AM


You don't need a paid instructor. A patient friend who is a good, trustworthy driver could give you lessons.

But I'm not sure you really want to bother, do you?

If you can't afford lessons, the chances are you can't afford to run a car either, so what would be the point?

Besides, you say you've never needed to drive so I imagine you are only thinking of doing this to become what you consider more socially acceptable.

In a world concerned with global warming, can't you turn your lack of a need to drive into a positive?

Simply tell people proudly that you're doing your bit for the environment by not running a vehicle you don't need.

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