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I can't cope with husband's mood swings

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I don’t know what to do about my husband any more. He appears to have a split personality; one minute he’s nice and the next he can say horrible things and be really bad tempered.

He had an accident last year when he was abroad and he’s been this way ever since. I am at breaking point not knowing what mood he is going to be in from one day to the next.

I am beginning to hate him more and more and I just cannot see our relationship lasting much longer. LN


You do not say what happened to your husband in his accident but could he perhaps have hurt his head?

If he had a brain injury of some kind, it could be consistent with these extremes of behaviour.

I suspect it would be worthwhile him seeing a doctor as it's possible he didn't have the right sort of treatment at the time.

If there is no medical reason for his mood swings, are there psychological ones? Is he suffering from stress of some kind? Obviously, if he is just being bad tempered and moody, you will have to consider your future together.

If that's the case then please consider counselling first and contact Relate or other appropriate counselling services.

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