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I can't get over grief of losing my husband

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My husband died four years ago, when I was 60, and although I suppose I should be over the grief by now, I’m not.

All my family live abroad and I don’t have many friends, so I’m desperately lonely.

I know I ought to get out and about to meet new people, but the thought of meeting strangers terrifies me. Can you suggest anything I could do that might help? JL


Loneliness and grief can lead to depression, so I would strongly suggest you talk to your doctor to see if you are in need of any medical help.

Don't feel too proud to take this if your GP thinks it will help you, but don't rely on this alone.

The National Association of Widows offers the chance to make contact with other widows who will understand how you feel without judging you.

The national organisation has local branches with regular meetings, as well as help and support in all manner of ways if they are needed.

You can contact the charity on, tel: 024 7663 4848.

It has a range of leaflets available, free of charge, covering things such as going on holiday alone or disability support.

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