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I can't stop smoking

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My wife and I are both smokers and have been all our married lives.

We’re both in our late forties and just before Christmas our only son hit us with a bombshell — he’s emigrating to Australia in July, if all his plans work out.

Obviously, he’s really excited about it and was going on about how we can visit him and perhaps even go out there to work ourselves.

But I knew, right away, that it’s not going to happen unless I can give up smoking, as there is no way I could go on a long-haul flight.

We went to Greece on holiday last year and that nearly did it for me — I was desperate by the time the plane landed.

My wife seems to think this is the spur we need to give up once and for all, but I’ve tried many times before and I just don’t think I can do it. But the thought of not seeing my son again is just awful. PM


The next few months of getting used to the idea of your son living so far away may be a hard time for you to give up.

Once he gets on that flight and leaves, though, the reality may well kick in and it might be the motivation you need to do something about it.

Giving up smoking is very hard but there is support to help you. Start with your GP and you will find that there’s all kinds of help, including referral to a specialist clinic if necessary.

You should also look at Quitline, which will support you every step of the way, including the offer of telephone support.

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