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I can't talk naturally to people

Fiona Caine is here to help if you have a relationship, sexual, marriage or family problem.

I’m a 19-year-old man and desperately lonely. My problem is that I can’t cope with being around people and talking to them normally.

My parents recently divorced and there is no-one in my family who communicates well, so don’t suggest I talk to them.

I am so tense and anxious around people that I’ve chewed off all my finger nails.

I’ve tried a couple of self-help books but nothing has helped.

I can’t put my thoughts into words and end up sounding wooden and insincere.

This is ruining every aspect of my life. LC


I think you need to get proper support from a professional.

See your GP and ask to be referred for counselling to someone who can help you to understand yourself and talk through your problems.

Relate doesn’t only deal with marriage and partnership problems, it deals with all kinds of relationships.

If you can’t face your doctor, look at the website for support options.

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