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I dislike my husband’s mates

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I really don’t get on with my husband’s friends, and he’s a different person when he’s around them.

Normally he’s open-minded and supportive, but with them he becomes sexist and aggressive.

They all drink too much when they’re together, too.

He’s the only one of the group that’s married so they all tend to come around to our house and they expect me to wait on them.

I know he’ll always want and need his friends, but do I have to put up with this? MN


No, you don't — and the sooner you change things, the better.

Where did they all meet up before you and your husband got married — perhaps they could go back to meeting there sometimes?

Why do you stay in if they're all behaving so badly — could you get out and do something with your own friends?

You and your husband need to talk about this and you need him to properly understand that you're unhappy about the way that he treats you when he’s around his friends.

You're right not to cut him off from his friends, though, but there is no reason why you can't get together with your friends on occasion.

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