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I fancy an older friend of my parents

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I really like a man who’s friends with my parents. He’s younger than them — he’s 32 years old and they are in their forties.

I’m 16, however, and although I’ve told him how I feel, he doesn’t seem to want to take things any further.

He says he’s much too old for me and that I should be going out having fun with people my own age, but I’d rather be with him.

My parents like him and I think we’d be good together, so how can I get him to see this? PB


This man probably feels like he’s a different generation to you and 16 years is a big gap.

He’s behaved very honourably by not taking advantage of you and even if he were interested, he would probably be worried about losing your parents’ friendship.

He may be trying to let you down gently and however ready you are for a relationship, it’s clear he’s not.

Follow his advice to get out more with people your own age and you may find he is right and that you do start having fun.

In a few years’ time, when you’re in your late twenties with experience of other relationships behind you, then a 16-year gap might not seem so insurmountable.

For now, though, try to accept his decision without feeling too hurt, because he obviously wants the best for you.

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